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Zera: Myths Awaken is an upcoming 3D platformer/collectathon, inspired by genre classics such as Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64 etc.

The game follows new protagonist Zera, an Axolotl/Bat hybrid, in an adventure featuring beautifully designed worlds, with tons of characters, abilities, and more.


-Sharp, precise platforming controls made with the PC in mind
-Lovingly crafted retro aesthetics
-A unique cast of characters
-An exciting original soundtrack

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-ello officer

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What started back in 2017, simply as a fan game known as "Spyro 4" (and eventually, "Spyro: Myths Awaken") has transformed from a small solo project into an original and ambitious creation all it's own by a team of people who dedicate their free time and energy to bringing this project to life.

We hope you'll stay with us on this journey towards Zera's debut!


Zera Myths Awaken 64bit (v5.1).zip 157 MB
Zera Myths Awaken 32bit (v5.1).zip 154 MB

Development log


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this seems fine, but i would really like to see a continuation of the original plan when it was SPYRO myths awaken


Well I bet if you asked Activision nicely, they'd JUMP at the chance to license the rights to the Spyro IP to the devs of this game free of charge, no strings attached.  Definitely, I'm serious, no cap, real real.

It's dead, Jim

Cool game! My fav in this month actually)

Hi there! Cool game!

I have some feedback, if you would like it-

I used the joystick, and it worked well, but during the charge, it seems like its either "fully to the left" or "fully to the right". There isn't like "turn slightly to the left" with the joystick. Or it was at least very sensitive.

I also felt like the normal walking animation was a bit weird looking, but the charge and gliding animations were really good.

I really like how fast and smooth the gliding is, and the somersault thing that you can do out of hover adds a lot of fluidity to the movement

Something about the camera felt a little off... maybe it was too zoomed in for me? I tried increasing the FOV, but I would prefer if you could increase the distance.

I had a bunch of fun though, big spyro 1 vibes.

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Thank you so much for sharing your adorable character and even more adorable game with the world, I had so much fun learning to control Zera's shmovement, and I managed to 100% all levels sans Mystic Towers. I hope you overcome your burnout Cyreides, regardless of the future of Zera. All the best!


What engine do you use to make it?

Unity 3D


Linux version?



I am dreaming?


Really fun game, Reminds me of the good ol' days. Best of luck to the DEV. Hope they're feeling better. No rush take all the time you need, you are clearly passionate about the game that shines through in the quality. But you still have to take care of yourself first. - DG


Just read the new announcement, and not gonna lie, its disappointing. BUT, burn-out is awful. Take the breaks you need, keep the pace you need. I'll be here regardless when its ready.

mac version please :(((( M1 means no more bootcamp


You guys did a great job with the presentation of the game. The PS1/Spyro aestheticis spot on!

Deleted 1 year ago
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They are working on it, they have been showing new stuff on their YouTube. Everything takes time. And there's a lot of pressure on artists to live up to their own standards of quality to set for themselves.

Played it, recorded it, loved it! I love that Zera is an axolotl & a bat. Super adorable! I also love the costumes.


The Classic graphics style is absolutely beautiful. The game makes good use of the different jump combos, surprisingly difficult to master but so much fun! Can't wait for more. Also shoutout to Dayoman who got me onto this.

the demo is so great, like there is so much potenial in here like i can't wait for the future of this game.

my one issue is that i tried connecting ps4 controller with the game normally and with ds4, but when i start the game zera starts walking right and the camera and when press any button it does different functions, why is that 

DS4 as in DS4Windows? Try without if that's the case.

i did try but it still happens


I had the same issue, If you're still trying to get this to work, I used my ds4 by running the game through steam (didn't use ds4windows).


Good lord I don't know what to say. It's great so far! I'm excited, :D Totally not at all biased due to my love of bat-related characters c:

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I recently replayed the Spyro trilogy on PS1 and this feels like a true successor to those games. Remember how Spyro 2 added a number of new abilities after Spyro 1? Zera: Myth Awakens is the next evolution in that system with a deep, but rewarding control scheme. It reminds me of a mix of Spyro (obviously) and Super Mario Odyssey.

All this game is missing is voice acting (please find a way to make this happen, the game lacks a bit of charm without it).


Awesome game! It has unique and original characters, excellent music that captures that Spyro feel with a modern twist, and truly retro aesthetics. As well as my favorite, good gameplay, that makes a platformer feel like a platformer. This could totally be a fast paced parkour game.

I definitely recommend if you at all like Spyro and platformers!


This game is awesome but, it does need some more story like beginning cutscenes n stuff but i know cutscenes are hard to code n stuff. but I'd really love to see speedruns :D

any way to purchase at 5 dollars at itch io anymore?

Seconded! I'd like to know as well.


You can't anymore.


will this be on the nintendo switch? I'd love to play it :)


Wow. I really like this! Discord invites dead, but I'd love to follow along as it develops!

Whoops! It should be fixed now!


This looks so good and so nostalgic... :) Will it be on Mac?


Maybe eventually, right now it's a bit hard to manage as I have no way of debugging issues that appear on that version :c


ah fair play! Could do some bug testing for you when it's up but all best of luck with the process 馃槉 Excited to see it when you're all finished (even on pc -i mean like trailers etc) Cheers.


Zera is so adorable!!! I enjoy the game a lot if there were zera麓s plushies I will buy them 


Great job holding onto the work that went in since Spyro became Zera.  I've been following this since before Reignited.  I'm hoping Activision will make another Spyro game, but in the meantime, thanks for this reimagining.


Absolutely love this and more than happy to donate to you for this amazing game that has so much potential to be my new favorite platformer. The movement options this game provides makes the game so fun to experiment with.

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I'm loving your demo so far. I suggest having the characters give you hints about your moveset. I had no idea about the somersault until I watched some other people playing parts I got stuck on and wondered how they heck they were able to make some jumps. The triple jump thing kind of hurts my brain sometimes. I'm not sure what to suggest, but having to hit three buttons (Xbox controller - hold x, hit rb, a, a again to glide, then y to do the roll jump) makes me really have to stop and think an awful lot and redo jumps often.

Keep up the awesome work! It's a very pretty game!


Do you think you'll make a playable demo for this? I'm a bit skeptical on buying it without trying it out for myself.


The game is currently pay what you want, so you're able to play it in it's current form for free if you so desire~

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Could you add a preference to turn off the PSX effects ?

It looks quite jarring to me, and makes the game hard-to-play, i would like to give it a chance, yet..


In the options menu in game there is a section called Video, go there and click on "Classic" to change it to "Emulated". That should remove 99% of the effects.


I found this game after playing the HPS1 2021 and streamed it a few weeks ago and had a blast! The game feels so good to play! Like others have mentioned, I had a few challenges with figuring out the jump bounce but it seems like a good tutorial npc or something could easily fix down the road. The level design is awesome, and the attention to detail in the animations and effects is completely on-point down to the little bouncing numbers. 

If I had to give some constructive criticism, I'd say that the npc dialogue feels a little obligatory right now, like there's one npc at the start of each world that essentially says "help us" and sends you on your way, when they could either have a bit more personality or variety, even if their function is the same. Having some fun voice acting like the dragons in Spyro would be charming too. But I assume most of that is stuff that will be refined in later builds since this demo seems to be focused on the already incredible mechanics.

Can't wait to play more of it!


Thank you so much for all the flight and control updates! My brain finally clicked and I could zoom around the levels with ease. I also love that the levels get more populated the more enemies you clear. Empty feeling levels (once cleared) is def something the Spyro games suffered from.

My only request would be that some character  actually tell you about the difference between jumping out of a charge versus bouncing out of a charge. Once I figured out the value of bouncing out of a charge (or somersaulting) it changed everything. I had no idea you could double jump with it either. Good stuff! But some players like me will struggle with the game unless those abilities are specifically outlined. 

Amazing game! I love the music, design, colors, animations, characters! 


This is a really cool concept and I love the fact someone is working on this, but are we really supposed to do a Google search to find out about the controls? This is surreal...


This game is awesome so far! Well done!!


Can the myths hit the snooze button?

unfortunately no :c


I just want to say this project makes me incredibly happy. It captures the feel, the imagination, and the joy of golden-era 3D platformers, while the new movement options and unique style stops it from feeling like a Spyro copy. Because copies aren't what I want. If I wanted exactly Spyro I would play the original trilogy. I want newness. I want innovation. I want to be surprised and delighted, and by this I was. It's exactly the kind of thing that would have come out if the 3D platformer genre hadn't died out prematurely. I think you're doing a fantastic job of this so far, and I look forward to seeing what comes out whenever you eventually get this finished.


Is it possible for the future to have a third render option to have the classic shader style with the lower resolution but without the blurred/tv scan like filter?

It is likely that the original "Classic" option will come back as a third graphics option.

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Awesome! Really fantastic inspiring game btw!


windows 7 professional

Ram 2GB

core 1.60Ghz

videocard 800Mb

runs 2 fps :,,,,,,,cccc


if I may say, the ONLY critique I have is how the camera is so close to the character, it does hurt my eyes a bit but for the rest is dope and colorfull!


Have you tried using the Manual camera mode? It zooms in on the character less often, also try increasing the FOV a bit, that might help as well!


oh! thanks to telling me!!!

welp then you guys did thought about everything!!!

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